Granny`s Cheesecake

Cheesecake enjoys great popularity worldwide. The most famous varieties are certainly the American New York Cheesecake – which can be found on the menus of many hotels, restaurants and cafés – and of course the classic German cheesecake made from Grandma’s recipe. With this recipe I present you the version that my grandmother gave me. Continue reading Granny`s Cheesecake

Bouquet, Taste & Textures

A prerequisite for experiencing a culinary firework display – as well as the rat Rémy does in the legendary animated film Ratatouille knew how to make his brother Emile experience it – is the sense of taste and smell.

Of the classical senses such as hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching, smelling – olfactory perception – remains by far the most important and strongest of our senses. Continue reading Bouquet, Taste & Textures

Flank Steak

Even when it comes to the traditional steak, the eye & palate need a change now and then. In the last few years, new trends for more or less unusual cuts have been popping up on the horizon. This is also the case with the Flank Steak, which has been “on everyone’s lips” for a while now. Today I had the first Flank Steak of the brand Château Boeuf – a really huge piece of meat. Continue reading Flank Steak