Tampopo – It’s how I discovered my Love affair with noodle soup

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Have you ever heard of the film “Tampopo” – It’s how I discovered my Love affair with noodle soup. Today I want to share with you my interest in noodle soups and street kitchens and why I love sharing my experiences with you. Continue reading Tampopo – It’s how I discovered my Love affair with noodle soup

Mollydooker – the Beginning

Until the year 2005 I had basically only very few points of contact with wine and then almost exclusively – as described at the beginning of In Vino Veritas – with the “reds”.  The first bottles – the ones that were my taste buds for Australian wine, were two bottles of Pertaringa (Shiraz) from the year 2000. Continue reading Mollydooker – the Beginning

Pot Luck Club Cape Town

We discovered the Pot Luck Club in Cape Town when we were looking for the restaurant “The Test Kitchen” – one of the best 50 restaurants worldwide. At the time of our visit both restaurants were run by the same owner. Unfortunately, The Test Kitchen was still closed – in retrospect a lucky coincidence, because the food and especially the bright atmosphere of the Pot Luck Club fascinated us deeply. Continue reading Pot Luck Club Cape Town


The premium beef of the brand SCOTLAND HILLS carries the label “Scotch Beef” and is produced according to high standards. On the one hand, the farms are regularly inspected by the Scottish animal welfare organisation SPCA on a voluntary basis and in unannounced spot checks. Thus, ethical breeding and rearing has been guaranteed in Scotland for many years – farms that violate the guidelines can be closed down without further ado. Secondly, the quality of all meat products is checked by Quality Meat Scotland. Continue reading SCOTLAND HILLS