Black garlic butter

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Black garlic butter – a real eyecatcher

Difficulty Level:                               Easy

Expenses:                                           7-12 Euro

Time Effort:                                       30 minutes 


A bowl, a table fork, a sheet of backing paper, gastro rubber gloves


  • 250g butter (good variety, loose)
  • ½ tsp virgin olive oil
  • ¼ tsp good salt
  • Freshly ground pepper (quantity and degree of grinding as desired)
  • 6-8 soft cloves black garlic or correspondingly much paste


Put the butter in a bowl at room temperature and mix well with the salt – we used the pink Himalayan salt – the olive oil and the pepper – try and season if necessary.

Then fold in the soft cloves / paste of the black garlic – just so that we can still see the streaks of the mixing. It doesn’t matter if some pieces of garlic remain – this only makes the result more interesting in terms of taste and appearance.

Then put the mixture on a sufficiently large sheet of baking paper and beat it together to form the desired shape. Of course, chic cookie cutters can also be used to respond to a motto, for example.

Finally, place the result in an airtight container in the refrigerator – after approx. 15 minutes the product is ready for use. Before serving, remove from the refrigerator sufficiently early so that the guests can use it with the ideal consistency and the aromas develop properly.

Variations which additionally got also some mousse of the black olive in addition, or herbs are always possible. But be careful that the result is not too salty! In our case we added some truffle butter, which was very tasty.

The black garlic butter is in any case a special souvenir for the next party or the cosy round at the grill – bon appétit!

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