La Marianna


The management of La Marianna has changed, and unfortunately our favourite waiter has gone. The tasty olives were no longer available on our last visit and somehow the atmosphere has changed as well as the cuisine.

Despite several attempts the kitchen did not manage to convince us with the known food.

However, our favourite waiter has made himself independent and taken over the I Mortifami – unfortunately there is no pizza there, but noodle dishes to fall in love with. Everything a bit smaller but a real insider tip when it comes to “MAMA’s kitchen”.

As soon as I find some time, I will write you a review to the I Mortifami.

On Saturday we had an appetite for something authentic Italian, so La Marianna in Steglitz was just the thing for us.


The La Marianna has quite manageable capacities, so you should play it safe and reserve there in advance – or make sure by phone that there is still some space for you.


The owner of the Ristorante has recognised the value of Italian food culture and has dedicated La Marianna to preserving and developing this cultural treasure – bravo!

Every moment of your stay we noticed that for the team of La Marianna the cuisine, the hospitality and the service are of utmost importan. You should not only eat like in Italy – you should also feel as comfortable as in Italy!

The guest room is divided into two sections. Once you have entered the Ristorante, you look into the main guest room on the right. This is pleasantly bright, very affectionately & hospitably furnished. Here is also the bar and some “wine storage capacities”.

To the left hand is the second guest room, not quite so big, not quite so bright – but you can sit…;-) The distances between the tables and the other guests are well measured – nothing should stand in the way of a culinary experience.

In the outdoor area of La Marianna there is a tent for “passionate smokers” as well as a row of tables, which allow you to sit outside in sufficient sunshine and suitable temperatures. Despite the traffic at the nearby intersection, it is still quite pleasant.

At La Marianna the guest is always greeted friendly and courteous led to the table. The staff is recruited from a handful of “real Italians” – and that, thank God, applies above all to the food.

If the preparation of fresh food, including the pizza, takes a moment longer for me – this is exactly the moment that makes the difference in taste!

The “Business Card”

We didn’t visit the toilets, during our last visit – but until today they seemed OK.


Only in few restaurants it is such a pleasure to be served – all waiter are real originals – each with his very special kind – every wish is foreseen and as far as the composition of the food is concerned the guest is taken gladly “by the hand” to make him to the point culinary happy, and you notice every minute – the team has fun to make his guests happy.

Sometimes the guest is invited to follow the vociferous “discussions” of the waiters among each other with a wink of the eye – sometimes a song is even sung…there is life at La Marianna.


La Marianna offers a very tasty bread, focaccia and excellent olives as starters – in any case the right introduction to Italian delicacies.

The menu is a dream, it is classically Italian (Antipasti, Primi Piatto, Secondi Piatto & Il Dolce, etc.) and is regularly supplemented by changing specialities. Basically, all dishes are a treat for the palate – but today I have decided on a classic starter – Carpaccio die Manzo.

What should I say, starting with the excellent & tender quality of the beef, over the unique taste of the cold pressed olive oil up to the noticeably round aroma of the Parmesan – a real experience.

My companion also chose something classic Vitello Tonnato – and how could it be any different? 10/10 points.

Main Course

The first main course, a Dorade Royal from the menu of the day – grilled to the point, stylishly arranged and excellent in taste.

Dorade Royal

The second main course, a Pizza Capricciosa with a notable olive quality. Although the menu says “black olives”, these olives tend to go towards Kalamata, a dark purple, large, fleshy and strong in taste!

Pizza Capricciosa

Last but not least, the third main course – this time not from the menu and also not from the menu of the day…for a very long time I was looking for a Ristorante that knows how to conjure up real spaghetti carbonara – not with cream and ham – but with eggs, guanciale (bacon from pork cheek or neck), pecorino and black pepper – that was a revelation.


We had two desserts. With the classic tiramisu one from the menu, with the strawberry panna cotta one from the day menu.


The tiramisu was optimal in consistency, the sponge cake still a hint crispy, the mascarpone not too sweet and only with a hint of almond – classically garnished with a leaf of mint and a fresh strawberry sauce – delicious.

Erdbeer Panna Cotta

The strawberry panna cotta was something very special – very rare, especially not often with the taste of real fresh strawberries – finding the right fruit alone is often a crux…so try this dessert during your visit.

My Conclusion

La Marianna is easy to reach by car and by public transport. The location at the Feuerbachstraße invites you to have dinner after a shopping tour.

If we assume a qualitatively higher “material input”, we have nothing to complain about the price of the food at La Marianna.

Our experiences with La Marianna have hardly changed from visit to visit – one really tries every moment to fill the authentic Italian with life… Buon Appetito!

A clear recommendation from us for your visit at La Marianna, in Berlin Steglitz.

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